Examining Clinical Integration Strategies

PMC studies the challenges related to the use of personalized medicine technologies and services in clinical practice. Its work in this area is designed to understand and address the ostacles that health care providers face when integrating the principles of personalized medicine into their clinical work streams. Current studies are focused on developing strategies to ensure that cancer patients benefit from targeted therapies and addressing equity and data management challenges that are inhibiting progress in health care and personalized medicine. The results of these studies will help accelerate progress by focusing clinical integration efforts on the most pressing systemic obstacles.


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Defining the Clinical Utility of Genomic Testing in Cancer Care

Addressing Practice Gaps in the Implementation of Personalized Medicine in Cancer Care

Addressing Disparities and Improving Health Equity in Research Advancing Personalized Medicine

Addressing Challenges in Using Health Data to Advance Personalized Medicine


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Personalized Medicine
in the Clinic: A Road Map for Facilitating the Clinical
Adoption of Personalized

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Research Lead

Daryl Pritchard, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Science Policy

Research Assistant

Lindsay Stephens, Program Manager & Secretary to the Board