Assessing Clinical and Economic Value

PMC studies the clinical and economic value of personalized health care approaches across a broad range of disease states. Ongoing research is examining the benefits of personalized medicine for patients with suspected rare diseases. Other studies are relating overall improvements in clinical care to the implementation of personalized medicine. This work will advance peer-reviewed evidence necessary to help payers and providers make decisions about the circumstances in which they should adopt policies and programs that provide access to the tests and treatments underpinning personalized medicine.


Evaluating the Clinical and
Economic Value of
Sequencing-Based Diagnostic
Tests for Patients With Rare
and Undiagnosed Diseases

Improvements in Clinical Care Associated With Personalized Medicine


"Clinical and Economic Value of Genetic Sequencing for Personalized Therapy in Non-small-cell Lung Cancer," Clinical Lung Cancer


"Cost Effectiveness of Multigene Panel Sequencing for Patients
With Advanced Non–Small-Cell
Lung Cancer," JCO Clinical
Cancer Informatics

"One Size Does Not Always Fit All in Value Assessment," American Journal of Managed Care


Personalized Medicine and Value Assessment Frameworks: Context, Considerations, and Next Steps

Research Lead

Daryl Pritchard, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Science Policy

Research Assistant

Lindsay Stephens, Program Manager & Secretary to the Board