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PMC Commends ‘Moonshot’ Panel for Recognizing Personalized Medicine’s Importance in Research Recommendations, Encourages Complementary Efforts From Policymakers

WASHINGTON (September 7, 2016)


The Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) today commends the U.S. Cancer Moonshot's Blue Ribbon Panel for recognizing the importance of identifying which patient populations will benefit from the most promising cancer treatments in its recommendations for accelerating progress in the field. 

PMC President Edward Abrahams said the recommendations, which were released this morning, recognize personalized medicine’s significance to the future of cancer care. He also said he appreciates the panel’s focus on research but encouraged policymakers to also align all public policies, notably in regulation and reimbursement, to accelerate investment in and adoption of the right cancer treatments for the right patients.

"The scientific community has established that in medicine and especially in oncology, one size does not fit all,” Abrahams said. "The future of the field therefore depends on our ability to identify which patients will benefit from which treatments. The panel clearly recognizes that.”

Data published in Tufts University’s Impact Report last year indicate that 73 percent of cancer drugs in development are associated with a diagnostic test to identify which patients can benefit from it, and most of the 10 recommendations listed in the panel’s Report at a Glance explicitly recognize the importance of understanding which treatments work for whom. In the concluding section, the authors note that their recommendations anticipate a future in which patients "obtain a genomic profile about their tumor, learn about what treatments might work best given their profile, and find other relevant information, including clinical trials, that may be important for them.”

Abrahams said PMC shares that vision for the future, and noted that the country’s regulation and reimbursement policies should be updated to prepare for it.

"As we know, unless we align public policies around promoting personalized medicine, notably in the regulatory and reimbursement arenas, progress in fighting cancer will be much slower than we would like,” Abrahams said.


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