Essentia Institute of Rural Health

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The Essentia Institute of Rural Health supports clinical, translational and health services research across the four-state area (Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and Idaho) served by Essentia Health.

Our mission: The Essentia Institute of Rural Health exists to improve the health and health care for the rural population in the United States through research and education.

Our vision: By 2018 we will be recognized as a national leader for research and education for the health and health care of patients in the rural United States.

Through Essentia Health, an integrated healthcare system, researchers at the Essentia Institute of Rural Health have access to a large rural patient population across four states. Through rigorous research, the Essentia Institute of Rural Health identifies needs and deficiencies in rural health care and investigates innovative solutions to resolve disparities. As new information is gathered, that knowledge is put into practice across the Essentia Health system.

An electronic data warehouse combines health and other information from disparate sources across Essentia Health, creating an important foundation for conducting research. Projects are managed through an integrated research information system (iRIS), which is an electronic platform for conducting research.

Additionally, the institute is a conduit for academic health centers to access rural patient populations and collaborate in research and educational activities. Our proximity to the University of Minnesota Medical School – Duluth Campus allows for collaboration and shared resources.

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