Blueprint Medicines

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Blueprint Medicines is developing a new generation of highly selective and potent kinase therapies to dramatically improve the lives of patients with genomically defined diseases. Their approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the genetic blueprint of cancer and other diseases driven by the abnormal activation of kinases. Their ability to identify novel drivers of disease, coupled with their proprietary library of novel and diverse chemical compounds, uniquely enables them to craft kinase therapies against new and difficult-to-drug targets. They are boldly advancing a deep pipeline of highly targeted therapies against previously unaddressed drivers of disease. By focusing on genomically defined subsets of patients, they believe they can identify the people most likely to respond to therapies, resulting in a more efficient clinical development path with a greater likelihood of success and better outcomes for patients. They see a substantial opportunity in kinase drug discovery and development to deliver breakthrough medicines that allow patients to live longer with a better quality of life and prevent recurrences of disease. Kinases are involved in many hallmarks of tumor biology and are proven cancer drug targets. Currently approved drugs focus on less than 5 percent of known kinases, and the function of most kinases is unknown. Led by a team of industry innovators with a track record of bringing life-changing drugs to market, they believe Blueprint Medicines has the experience and expertise to deliver on the tremendous untapped potential of kinase therapies to improve patients’ lives.

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