Bioscience Valuation BSV GmbH

Member Type: Strategic Partners

Bioscience Valuation ("BSV") assists its clients to maximize company value through enhanced communication with investors, optimized partnership agreements, and improved internal processes (e.g., implementation of value-driven project and portfolio management or BSV's risk minimization framework). Bioscience Valuation's support is based on thorough economic analyses and detailed quantitative (as well as qualitative) evaluations. BSV is a widely recognized thought leader for the evaluation of personalized medicine technologies, projects, and products. Apart from numerous publications in the area, Bioscience's experts are frequently invited speakers at conferences to talk about the economics and value of healthcare innovations. Bioscience Valuation has developed a core expertise in assessing the value of personalized drugs and companion diagnostics for all stakeholders including pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, patients, physicians and payors. The company's new report 'The Economics and Value of Personalized Medicine' has already achieved widespread attention.

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