Ad Hoc Working Groups

PMC is currently maintaining three ad hoc working groups that are exclusively focused on advancing the field of pharmacogenomics; developing a set of principles that may guide the development of intellectual property laws that would support personalized medicine; and addressing outstanding issues related to the management of various types of data that make personalized medicine possible.

Information Management Working Group

PMC’s Information Management Working Group will convene members with expertise and interest in information technology, data, real-world evidence, and privacy issues. The group will help develop PMC principles encouraging institutions to share data in ways that keep patients engaged as fully informed research partners.

Intellectual Property Working Group

PMC’s Intellectual Property Working Group will convene members who have an interest in and expertise with intellectual property (IP) issues and will be charged with developing consensus principles on how IP can continue to foster innovations relating to personalized medicine and provide high-quality patent examination that allows patents of appropriate scope and quality.

Pharmacogenomics Working Group

PMC’s Pharmacogenomics Working Group convenes members with interest or expertise in issues related to pharmacogenomic testing. The group guides PMC’s efforts in pharmacogenomics and its related engagements with FDA, clinical guidelines developers, and other stakeholders.