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Precision Medicine Leaders Summit

August 10 - 12, 2016 

Manchester Grand Hyatt
San Diego, CA


 The Journal of Precision Medicine

Challenging the rhetoric to catalyze change

Event website: Click here to register (www.precisionmedicineleaderssummit.com)

Many precision medicine projects are in motion around the globe and are gaining momentum. Their objectives are varied, but they all share one central theme — to be able to predict and diagnose diseases more precisely, matching the right therapeutic more efficiently and more cost effectively.

The challenge is implementation. Given the fragmented nature of health care systems globally, how can this paradigm shift be adjusted to ensure collective benefit for all participants?

The Precision Medicine Leaders Summit aims to capitalize on the collective wisdom of speakers and delegates alike, encouraging open and candid discussions. The discussions will give way to novel ideas and concepts for circumventing the obstacles that currently stymie progress. The Summit will encourage participants to enter into partnerships with varied stakeholders and to challenge the status quo, fostering more transparency in order to find solutions that will ultimately advance this dynamic field and result in improved patient outcomes.

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