Unum Therapeutics

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Unum is a Cambridge, MA-based company developing cellular immunotherapies based on an antibody-coupled T-cell receptor, or ACTR (pronounced ‘actor’). When combined with an antibody that recognizes a target on the surface of tumor cells, the ACTR receptor can direct an individual’s T-cells to kill the tumor. Unlike other approaches (such as CAR-T or TCR), in which a cell’s receptor is trained to treat a narrow set of tumors, their therapy is not restricted to a particular target and may be used in many different cancer types.

Their program, based on the combination of ACTR and the antibody rituximab, is currently undergoing Phase I clinical testing to evaluate safety and efficacy in certain forms of lymphoma. In parallel, they are working with partners to use the ACTR technology in combination with novel antibodies to attack both blood and solid tumor cancers. Unum is on track to advance multiple combinations into clinical testing within the next few years.

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