University of Florida

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The University of Florida (UF) is one of the largest, most comprehensive public research universities in the United States and is a member of the American Association of Universities. The UF Health Science Center and the Shands family of hospitals and services work together as UF&Shands, the University of Florida Academic Health Center, to promote health through outstanding patient care; innovative and rigorous education in the health professions and biomedical sciences; and high-impact research across the spectrum of basic, translational and clinical investigation.

The UF&Shands Personalized Medicine Program, led by the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute, is using science, genetics and technology to help doctors individualize therapy for patients. The program spearheaded a multidisciplinary clinical implementation effort to develop the laboratory capabilities and information technology required for doctors at UF&Shands to utilize genetic information for identifying the best treatment options for individual patients. In addition, UF and Stanford researchers collaborated to develop a custom chip to collect and screen DNA samples for a total of 256 genetic variations that are suspected of influencing how the body responds to medications.

UF has leading experts in the field of pharmacogenomics who are not only advancing the use of genetic information to guide drug therapy decisions in the clinical setting, but are also working in the laboratory to extend our knowledge of the genetic contributors to variable drug response.

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