Poliambulatorio Euganea Medica

Member Type: Research & Educational Institutions

Poliambulatorio Euganea Medica is part of a group of healthcare companies, Gruppo Data Medica, located in Veneto, Italy. The group provides a broad choice of healthcare services to the public, ranging from diagnostic analysis (laboratory testing, including genetic, bio-imaging, clinical tests), to medical services. Medical specialities cover almost all the clinical spectrum, and services are delivered with a special attention to efficacy, efficiency and patient satisfaction and safety. The companies have been quality certified for years, and have now been enrolled into the international program for accreditation of Excellence with Accreditation Canada. Medical services have received a strong impulse toward change, generating from Personalized Medicine and have been deeply reshaped leading to a new approach to patient management. Special attention is paid to continuing education of healthcare personnel, with a focus on personalized medicine and related disciplines. A new web site entirely dedicated to Personalized Medicine has been created, the first one of its kind in Italian, where patients can receive information and build up their own health history and that of their family.

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