N-of-One, Inc.

Member Type: Personalized Medicine Service Providers

Powered by PrecisionWorks™, N-of-One generates reports that help physicians and patients identify optimal diagnostic and treatment strategies. In addition, our platform powers a unified knowledge network across the precision medicine care continuum-linking next-generation sequencing technologies, large and small molecular diagnostic and genetic test companies, research laboratories, ongoing research advances and clinical trials-to optimize point-of-diagnosis through point-of-care decisions and productivity for every patient.

  • Oncologists and cancer patients use N-of-One to develop optimal personalized medicine strategies
  • Diagnostic companies use N-of-One to ensure the targeted use of their molecular-based tests at the point of care
  • Healthcare payers use N-of-One to ensure high-quality treatment outcomes and cost-effective care
  • Drug and technology innovators use N-of-One to improve the process and economics of their development programs

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