Melanoma Research Alliance Foundation (MRA)

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The Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) finds and funds the most promising melanoma research worldwide that will accelerate progress toward a cure. To date, MRA has awarded more than $49 million to 118 research programs to make transforming advances in the prevention, diagnosis, staging, and treatment of melanoma, including research in biological causes of carcinogenesis, skin screening, biomarkers, imaging, immunotherapy, molecularly targeted therapy, and combination therapy. Collaboration is at MRA’s core, from the team approaches to research that it funds, to the way it finds partners who can help realize its vision, including matching funding for research awards to enhance support for the most promising science. MRA is focused on outreach activities to engage people and organizations that share its mission, and counts upon a growing list of allies in the fight against melanoma, helping conduct programs to promote awareness and education about the dangers of melanoma, while garnering additional resources to defeat melanoma through research.

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