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Education & Advocacy Internship Program

The Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) is always in need of motivated interns to help manage its growing education and advocacy workload. The interns contribute to the organization’s effort to advance personalized medicine, and are typically compensated at the minimum hourly wage in Washington, D.C. Successful internships are sometimes eligible for renewal over multiple semesters.

What It Involves

Each internship is tailored to the interests of the selected applicant, who will work with PMC to develop a project(s) in one of three functional areas within the organization. The workload is as follows:

  • 75% of total hours: Completion of a strategic project(s) in one or more of the following areas:
    1. Health policy
    2. Communications
    3. Development and fundraising
  • 25% of total hours: Office management

What PMC is Looking For

PMC's internship program is highly selective. Successful applicants:

  1. Have a demonstrated record of academic excellence
  2. Submit an application that demonstrates exceptional analytical and writing skills
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and ability in health policy, communications, or development and fundraising during the selection process, drawing from either previous work experience or a thoughtful analysis of literature and conversations on the topic(s)
  4. Are enrolled in or have completed a graduate-level program
  5. Are able to spend 30 hours per week in the PMC office, located in Washington, D.C.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must send the following documents in an email to Faswilla Sampson at jobs@personalizedmedicinecoalition.org. Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

  1. A cover letter that analyzes PMC’s need for a health policy, communications, or development and fundraising project that the applicant is interested in completing
  2. A resume
  3. A writing sample

Please note that this program is highly competitive, and includes a rigorous selection process.

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The Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), representing innovators, scientists, patients, providers and payers, promotes the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine concepts, services and products to benefit patients and the health system.

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