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PMC in STAT News

'Landmark FDA Approval Bolsters Personalized Medicine'

In an op-ed recently published in STAT News, a Boston Globe affiliate, PMC President Edward Abrahams explains how our understanding of cancer has been morphing from a tissue-specific disease — think lung cancer or breast cancer — to a disease characterized more by specific genes or biomarkers than by location. A recent FDA decision underscores that transition and further opens the door to personalized medicine.
» STAT News: "Landmark FDA Approval Bolsters Personalized Medicine"


Despite 'Stunning' Progress, Personalized Medicine Reaches Only 11 Percent of Patients

In an article published in March titled "On the Rise: Precision Medicines and Genetic Tests Growing Steadily," STAT News, a Boston Globe affiliate, noted a "stunning" increase in the number of genetic tests on the market and a 62 percent increase since 2012 in the number of personalized medicines on the market. Personalized medicine, the piece concluded, is in "a new era." That era, however, is not without challenges, especially in the area of clinical adoption, where only 11 percent of patients indicate that their doctor has discussed personalized treatment options with them.
» STAT News: "On the Rise: Precision Medicines and Genetic Tests Growing Steadily"